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You don't like negativity? It may not be so bad.

In life we’ve all had to deal with a negative person or a negative situation. Many people choose to let consume them. When you allow negativity to consumes you, it won’t just kill you spirit, but it can literally kill you. Why philosophy was and is to embrace that negativity and flip it into something positive and productive.

I believe that every thing starts from the brain. Our true character shows during stressful times or situation. It may sound crazy, but I actually feed off negativity. There is no better fuel that defeating the odds that are stacked up against you. When ever I have stressful or negative things happen to me, I use it in the gym. When I train, I purposefully take myself to a dark place. I love every moment in that dark place. Even if I have a wonderful day, once I hit the gym I’ll tap right in by something may have happened years ago.

For some odd reason my workouts seem to be more intense while still being productive. Positive enforcement really does nothing for me. My strength goes up, while my stamina rises. I describe it as creating my own adrenaline rush. There is no supplement, no workout partner and no coach that can pull that intensity out of me. So the next time you are gym and your workout isn’t going as well as it should, just invite you friend(negativity) gym and beat the shit out of him.

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