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Why Do Want To Be A Bodybuilder ? 1. How I got into bodybuilding.

After playing sports my whole life, I was so use to competing.  Not only competing, but I loved the training that training that came along with sports.  There’s a difference between training for recreational purposes and actually training for a sport.  When an athlete trains for a sport, he/she is training to be the best.  Whether that athlete actually achieves that it a whole different story.

I remember getting up every day and being excited about my next workout.  Whether I was sitting in class or at home, all I could think about was out doing my last workout.  One of my main goals was trying to be the strongest person on the football team.  I came pretty close, but I was never able to accomplish that goal.  Chasing that goal was actually enough.

Then came college.  I walked on to my college football team.  The fact that I would have so much to prove to actually make team was enough fuel in itself.  It’s funny, because I never touched the actually field(at least not in an actual game).  But guess what, I finally was able to accomplish that goal.  At 19 I had a 1 rep max of 455(no pause, straight down and up).  At this point I actually forgot my true reason for training, and I just cared about hitting numbers.  During the same time, decided to try my hand a bench pressing meet.  I was able to get 420lbs(competition lift).

After I left college and got into the real world, I stop going to the gym.  It wasn’t intentional, but it just worked out that way.  I didn’t realize it until I was weighing between 275 and 280lbs.  Oh yeah, I’m on 5’8.  It wasn’t solid, it was obvious that it was crispy crème’s and Mcdonald’s  weight.  At this point I realizing that I need to get back in the gym.  So I started going to the gym but really wasn’t motivated.  My thoughts were literally that ” I’m obviously suppose to be fat so just make the best of it”.  But I couldn’t use that logic for long to fool myself.

Then one day I decided to visit my old gym that I went to in college.  One of my friends that started attending that gym after was there.  It obviously was the same person, but he looked totally different.  He use to look the way that I looked at that point in time.  But now he was about 50 pounds lighter with a 29 inch waist and abs.  So I ask him “what the hell happened?”  He said he started to lose weight and was finally able to see what type of structure he had.  After seeing it, he decided to enter a bodybuilding competition.

So in my competitive mind, I thought if he could do it so can I.  So there it was.  He told me his diet and workout routine, and I went to work.  I went from 270 plus pounds to 169 pounds in a little over a year for my first competition.  I realized what I needed to get motivated.  I needed something to compete for.  I know people always say competing against yourself should be enough, but that wasn’t good enough.  Actually having something tangible to compete for was more important to me.  It’s been what has been motivating me till this day.

So before you decide to jump into a sport such as bodybuilding.  It’s a must that you figure out why you want to do it.

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