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What's more important to YOU? Invest In Yourself

Do you want to look good and feel good? Or do you want to look great and feel awesome? See anyone can go out and buy certain types of clothes, jewelry and cars. It’s natural for us to believe that this will bring us happiness. In some cases it actually does. But in most cases, you still have to go back in look in the mirror. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror(most won’t admit it, but you’d be surprised how many so called confident people come and pick my brain for advice but I digress). When we spend money on monetary things to build or even create confidence. That mean it won’t last long, because it has no foundation.

We’re living in a society where being healthy and having a nice physique is actually frowned upon. It’s actually funny, when some skinny/fat guy or dad bod guy tells you that “you workout too much” or “I would never do that”. We accept individuals who think that having self discipline with your body is wrong. One of the main excuses is I just want to live life. Living life to the fullest should not be tailored around food.

If you feel that having the latest material things are important, that’s cool. But it costs a lot of money keep up with the latest trends. So if you claim that you want to be healthy and fit, that also will also cost. should you choose between Jordan’s or a gym membership. An expensive purse or healthy food that will last for two weeks. If you can’t see where I’m going with this then you shouldn’t even waist your time attempting to get or stay in shape. Material things depreciate in value. You will literally have you body for the rest of your life.

So I ask you, what is more important to you?

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