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Train So Hard University’s Top 10 Fat Burners

Train So Hard University’s Top 10 Fat Burners

10. Hydroxyelite

HydroxyElite was created in 2014 and has been one of the leading fat burners for years. This supplement was basically created to replace oxyelite pro which was one of most effective over the counter fat burners of all time. This product has been nothing short of amazing. but now the current status of the Hydroxyelite formula is up in the air as industry sources have reported that its key ingredient, DMAA, is due to be removed from the formula. I’m pretty sure the next formula will be just as good, if not better.

9. Burn XT

A cutting-edge thermogenic fat burner suitable for both men and women, BURN-XT is a synergistic formula that helps to burn fat, increase energy, suppress appetite, and even boost your mood.

Great Features:

  1. Jitter-free energy

  2. Enhanced focus and improved mood

  3. Targets the fat-burning process through multiple pathways

  4. Made in a cGMP- and NSF-certified facility

  5. 100% money-back guarantee

8. SuperHD Xtreme by Cellucor

SuperHD is made to work on 4 levels including mood, energy, definition and focus. It’s made by Cellucor and it is their top of the line fat burner they make. They also have 5 other fat burners in their line-up but this one is the best of the bunch.

7. Lipo 6 Black

LIPO-6 BLACK is a powerful weight loss support formula. It is designed for active people who are looking for a potent aid in their quest for rapid weight loss.† LIPO-6 BLACK contains clinically validated Advantra Z® that is proven to help increase your metabolic rate. To change your body composition, it is essential that you speed up your body’s metabolic activity. The unique proprietary formula of LIPO-6 BLACK was developed to support this process through different physiological pathways.† Another positive and very noticeable effect of LIPO-6 BLACK is its ability to increase mental alertness and promote high energy. These are important aspects to help offset possible diet-fatigue.† Unlike our one pill only diet aid LIPO-6 BLACK ULTRA CONCENTRATE this formula allows you to tailor your dosage to your own personal needs and tolerance

6. Lean Mode Evolution Nutrition

Stimulant Free Weight Loss Support*

  1. Metabolism Support*

  2. 5 Modes of Action*

  3. Appetite Supoort*

  4. Stimulant Free*

  5. Stimulant Free*

  6. Fat Burner*

  7. Gluten Free*

LEANMODE™, Stimulant Free Fat Burner, When Combined With Proper Diet and Exercise is Designed to Support:

Weight Management

Antioxidant Levels


Body Composition

Appetite Support

Energy Levels

5. Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Probably the most popular and well known fat burner in America, they’ve been around for years and now they have an Elite version of their Hardcore fat burner.

The website says that this latest product is a super-thermogenic. It works to naturally increase your metabolism and boost energy levels.

The main ingredients are Caffeine and Green coffee extract – this is the natural green coffee bean before it has been roasted to make coffee. It’s the high amount of Chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans that is said to reduce the amount of glucose that you absorb.

Yohimbine – this works to lipolysis, this is the breakdown of fat in the body.

4. MusclePharm Shred Sport Thermogenic Fat Burner

MusclePharm® Shred Sport™ is the next generation of weight loss and energy that utilizes safe, effective, and researched ingredients to burn fat, provide intense energy and remarkable results.* This fast-acting fat burner targets stored body fat, controls appetite and supports your metabolism.* No inferior herbal blends here, just powerful ingredients proven to bring you closer to your performance goals!*





3. Jet Fuel

2. Trans4orm

Complete Multistage Thermogenic for Fat Loss, with Natural Energy Sources and Focus.*

Scientifically Developed to Support Fat Burning, Weight Management, plus Deliver Natural Clean Energy & Focus!*

1. Jet Fuel Pyro

JETFUEL® PYRO™ is an advanced 4-stage thermogenic formula with select premium ingredients to optimize your metabolism’s ability to burn fat.* PYRO is uniquely designed to help optimize mood and smooth energy.* You will really enjoy dieting and training like never before with JETFUEL PYRO.

Made with Ginseng, Bitter Orange Fruit Extract, Raspberry Ketone, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and other key natural stimulants providing uplifting energy and natural health benefits.* Includes Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Grape Seed Extract, 5-HTP, Olive Extract, Chamomilla Flower Extract combined can bolster response to mental and physical daily stress due to exercise.* PYRO provides a “Feel-Good” dieting experience.*

  1. Supports Fat-burning*

  2. Smooth, Long Lasting Energy*

  3. Feel Good Thermogenic*

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