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This Workout Will Make You Light As A Feather

The key to a successful workout regimen is to actually feel like it’s fun. In other words you want it to actually be something that you enjoy. For most this is the only way to not look at exercise as a task. Bungee training is the new workout that is just as fun as it is effective. This type of training is guaranteed to burn a lot of calories. Bungee training is taking the fitness world by storm. Bungee workouts are designed to strengthen an tighten your midsection just as effectively as planks and other “core” exercises. The “Bungee Workout” is a new workout that was created to go against the laws of gravity. This workout went against the grain, and caught the interest of many fitness enthusiast. This type of workout is obviously different from most. You get the benefits of doing high intensity cardio without the harsh impact on the joints.


What is Bungee Training? You might have already done some kind of bungee training, but probably not like this. Instead of strapping up bungees to add resistance to running or side-shuffling, these bungees have been created to make some movements difficult while making others much easier. Raphael Konforti stated that “Normally bungees or resistance bands make exercises more difficult, but when the bungee is anchored to the ceiling, the resistance completely changes,”. “The bungee is pulling you up, almost like an antigravity machine. So any exercises done underneath the bungee, like lunges, are actually easier. The catch is the further away from the anchor point you go, the more resistance you’ll have to overcome to get there . . . . What’s most appealing about bungee training is how much fun you have! Bungee training combines elements of dance and rhythm with your standard money-maker exercises like squats, lunges, planks, push-ups, and sprints.”

Bungee Training Gyms Bungee training is relatively new don’t expect to walk in any gym and find a bungee class. You have a better chance of finding bungee workout classes at dance/fitness studios. These type of studios would be your best option, since you want to make sure the bungee anchor is properly secured to a ceiling or bar. Your best bet is to start off taking a few classes to learn proper form and a few different workouts. Once you get the basics down.

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