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  • Terrance Miller

This is guaranteed to happen during your bodybuilding contest prep

When prepping for a bodybuilding competition, are positives and negatives that you'll go through. we all love that shredded, dense and vascular look and the end of our bodybuilding Contest prep. There are a few side effects or drawbacks that accompany the shredded, dense and vascular look on a bodybuilding stage. A loss of strength is guaranteed to to be a side effect of your bodybuilding contest prep.

This loss in your strength can be major or it can be just a slight drop in your strength. Even though strength isn't necessarily a prerequisite to competing on a bodybuilding stage. A slight loss in strength or a major loss in strength can take a major hit to your ego. Since strength isn't the most important thing in your bodybuilding contest prep, in this video I have a few tips on how to cope with loss of strength during your bodybuilding Contest prep.

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