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The Truth About Natural Bodybuilding

“Natural bodybuilding” over the years has gotten a lot of negative attention. For this natural bodybuilding will always have an asterisk beside it’s name. Over the years steroid use has steadily been rising with bodybuilding. The truth of the matter bodybuilding has been lost and is now nonexistent. Today, before a person even try’s to build a training regimen, they’d focus on building their first steroid cycle.

To win a bodybuilding competition, people take extreme measures along using all sorts of P.E.D’s to win a competition. Many of us put our bodies through hell, for the extremely slim chance of going pro. To become successful in this field many of us have come to the conclusion that steroid use is unavoidable.

Even though I respect natural bodybuilding, it seems that a majority of bodybuilding fans see it as a joke. I’ve heard described as a weight loss contest instead of a bodybuilding competition. Honestly today most people that a person’s physique can only go so far naturally. To reach a certain level you have to use steroids. For some reason many of us choose to be naïve and believe that just because your fitness or bodybuilding idol claims to be natural, that it’s true. In reality, in this country a person would be crazy to admit to using a controlled substance to world. First because it is illegal in many countries and secondly no one would purchase supplements that you promote because it’s obvious that you are not using them

Can a Strong Physique be Built Naturally?

Many of us don’t realize it but Bodybuilding started before the 1900’s. In the beginning it was utilized by ancient civilizations to get the most out of the human body’s strength and performance. Eugen Sandow was just the first to showcase the human physique on stage.

It was just taken a step further the Weider brothers created actual competitive bodybuilding what it is today. Whether we want to admit it or not steroids were always involved in this sport. It’s just that today more people are more outspoken about their personal use, where as in the past it was frowned upon to be involved in this activity. In earlier or “Golden Era” of bodybuilding, steroids were basically used to put the finishing touches on a physique. Where as today it is used all year around for many competitors. Instead of taking the time out to build a foundation naturally, physiques built from day one with steroids.

This has caused a majority bodybuilding or fitness fans that to obtain those type of physiques, you have to use steroids. Which I believe is true to a point. But if we truly believe this is the case, then how did the bodybuilders in the golden era first build their physiques.

What is Enhanced Bodybuilding?

Normally natural bodybuilding gets a bad rap because there is no comparison to non tested bodybuilders. This is obvious because an enhanced athlete has the ability to look and get more out of their body than someone who’s natural. The truth of the matter is, just like with anything else in life, many bodybuilders don’t have the patience to slowly build a physique and instead choose quick way.

Having a physique like the ones that compete in the IFBB every year is impossible to create naturally. Even though a lot of guys don’t have the desire to look like these men, there are others that dream of looking this way. The truth is that even on steroids everyone does not have the ability to look like this. No matter what or how much you take.

The people with the best genetics and talent always come out on top in bodybuilding. There are many men and women out there who dream of making it to the IFBB stage only to be stopped by their genetic limitations.

Although steroids are powerful enough to make anyone transform their physique and become a beast in the gym. In bodybuilding a physique is judged by muscularity, definition, proportions – v-taper, fullness, density, etc.

The Truth About Steroids

In the world of bodybuilding the topic of steroids has always been a delicate one. Some For some odd reason many people outside of bodybuilding believe that these substances are magical and that they do all of the work for you. There are others who swear by the opposite. Which one is actually true? The truth is that steroids are powerful and if not used properly they can be dangerous.

No matter what anyone tells you, they obviously work. How well they work is different for each person depending on their genetics.

For the most part the results that come from steroids are temporary. Once the body stops receiving an exogenous hormone source; it goes back to normal (hopefully).

How Big Can a Natural Bodybuilder Get?

There’s no way to actually know to know how a natural bodybuilder can get. The only way to find out is by trying. If you look of some of the best natural bodybuilders of all time, it’ll show you that if it is in your genes then you can get tremendous results by training and staying consistent with your nutrition. Many male and female bodybuilders have built incredible physiques that was able to set new standards in natural bodybuilding.

Over the years we have come a long way and have found different ways to train, eat, and naturally enhance our bodies with supplements. We should actually be able to build better physiques naturally today. I think that we haven’t really seen the progress because many of us stuck with the mindset that it is impossible to be done without steroids.

Natural bodybuilding is difficult because it takes more time and effort to build an amazing physique. But with the effort comes an even greater reward. The reward being that you earned your physique and that it is actually beneficial to your health if your goal isn’t to look like an IFBB pro then there is no need to use them. Bodybuilding should be about motivating people to take care of their bodies and going the gym and living a healthy lifestyle.

Progression Of Natural Bodybuilding

In the past natural bodybuilding was looked at as a joke. It just seamed like they were competing to see who is the skinniest. To many of us natural competitions were used for a first time competitor who just wanted to their feet wet. Many gifted natural bodybuilders would actually look down on natural competitions because the competition was so low, that they would rather cross over into non tested shows for better completion.

There have actually been a few that have done very well. This shows again that hard work along with great genetics and consistency can make a huge impact.

I’ve actually noticed that within the last few years the quality of natural competitions have drastically improved. Many of the physiques today have improve so much that we have to sometimes ask if they are truly “natural”.

I have never seen a sport where there is the chance to win fame and money and no one has gone outside the rules to have an edge on the competition.

That’s just the way it is and some things will never change.

In Natural bodybuilding, drug testing has come a long way and is getting more sophisticated. Because of this many people who cheat are getting caught. This lets you know that the drug testing works.

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