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The Truth About Natural Bodybuilding

“Natural bodybuilding” over the years has gotten a lot of negative attention. For this natural bodybuilding will always have an asterisk beside it’s name. Over the years steroid use has steadily been rising with bodybuilding. The truth of the matter bodybuilding has been lost and is now nonexistent. Today, before a person even try’s to build a training regimen, they’d focus on building their first steroid cycle.

To win a bodybuilding competition, people take extreme measures along using all sorts of P.E.D’s to win a competition. Many of us put our bodies through hell, for the extremely slim chance of going pro. To become successful in this field many of us have come to the conclusion that steroid use is unavoidable.

Even though I respect natural bodybuilding, it seems that a majority of bodybuilding fans see it as a joke. I’ve heard described as a weight loss contest instead…

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