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The truth about fad diets

Cons of fad dieting:

Fad diets normally are designed to help you lose weight quickly. Normally after dropping this drastic amount of weight, naturally we go back to our normal eating habits. In essence, fad diets will not equip you with the tools to sustain your results for a life time.

Another issue that I have with fad diets is the fact that they are normally unhealthy. This defeats the whole purpose of even attempting to lose weight in the first place. Normally, these fast weight loss diets deprive a person of most of the nutrients that your body needs.

Pros of fad dieting:

Fad diets aren’t all bad. Just like anything else in life, it has it’s place. Convenience is the best quality that a fad diet has. Most people want something that is going to come to them fast and easy. There are many “fad” diets that I push. Weight watchers for example is perfect for the average person that wants to lose weight and keep it off. It’s a realistic diet that allows you to treat yourself on a daily basis. I believe that portion control is the first step in a successful diet.

Here are a few example of fad diets:

1. Adkins diet

2. South Beach Diet

3.Alkaline diet

4.Cookie diet


6.Weight Watchers

7.Grapefruit diet

8.Beverly Hills diet

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