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The One Negative Thing About Losing Weight

When trying to lose weight, there can be many different things that may get in your way.  Especially once you start seeing the results from losing a large amount of weight.  Many of us would automatically assume that I’m speaking of life events, jobs etc.  Honestly it’s not that at all.  Most of the time your biggest obstacles are going to come the individuals who are around you.

Losing weight and dealing with haters:

In my opinion it’s sad you may get negative reaction for doing something positive.  Let’s be honest, this is the norm.

Truth be told jealousy is a normal thing, and can be used as a motivating factor.  Honestly, have you ever been in a situation where you were jealous of someone’s achievements?  Have those achievements ever made you feel inadequate in any way what so ever?    Have you ever just felt bad when comparing your life and or your body to someone else’s?

The most important thing is how do you respond. Do you just sit back and become bitter.  Or do you use other’s success as fuel or motivation to spark your own.  Many people have the ability to just let it role off of them. While others gain a hatred or distain for those who are able to achieve the goals that they are also chasing. It is easy to see someone become a success, even a close friend, and rather than feel happy for the person you feel a negative emotion. You take their success vs. what you see as your failure personally in the moment.  The question is whether you take that and use it as fuel or are you going to stay the same.

For the people that are having success in your weight loss journey.  I suggest that you take the criticism and hate as a compliment.  Pay more attention to the  positive energy that will be coming.  Understand that there will be many people that you motivate when you get your results.  So many people will be happy for you.  Your journey or story can inspire many others to start their own fitness journey.  It is important to be strong and don’t waver in your decision. You may lose people you thought of as friends but for every negative person that leaves your life, their will many more positive ones that may enter.

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