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Stay Motivated

Having mental blocks are completely normal. Mental blocks can be caused by many things such as pressure, stress, anxiety, or the fear of trying something new.

A mental block isn’t exactly the same as a motivation. Although losing motivation to stick with your exercise routine can be the result of a mental block, but the two aren’t always related. For one, you can have the motivation to fix what’s wrong, but whatever mental block is standing in your way makes any effort unable to work.

There are a few tricks you can use to rejuvenate your motivation. They can be used to overcome mental blocks. Here, are a few ways to get on track so you can push past a plateau or to fight through a difficult workout.

1. Set small goals

feeling overwhelmed is normal especially if you have one huge goal to accomplish — say, for instance, working out for the first time and thinking that you can win the olympia.

Not very realistic, right? Instead of trying to go full speed from day one, I suggest that starting small by accomplishing one challenge at a time. This allows you take steps that will allow you accomplish your main goal.

I ask people ” If you spent 10 years of your life sitting on the couch and eating crap, what makes you think that you can automatically jump into an advanced training regimen.

For instance, you want to compete in your first bodybuilding competition you’ll have to train. You’d have to workout at least five to six(sometimes seven) days a week. This would also include cardio sessions also. You would need to first get or create a training regimen. You would have to create a competition prep protocol. Realistically, you wouldn’t be ready to workout 6 days a week from day one. So you would need to start with 3 to 4 workouts a week. With nutrition, if you were eating fast food every day, you should start by just cutting out fast food.

2 Change your gym environment

We have to ask ourselves what type of gym benefits us the most. It can be one with a small amount of people so you can have better access to equipment. Maybe it’s just you and a your personal trainer. For example, if you need an environment that is intense and hard core. Planet fitness may not be the gym for you. If you need a calm and relaxed setting, planet fitness will be right up your alley.

3 Figure out what motivates you

The first thing that I ask a client is,”what is your reason for losing weight?” I’ll normally get an answer such as: weight loss for a wedding, or bike week. When I get answers like this, I automatically know that this person will not last long. My reason when I started was the competition aspect of it. Competing in bodybuilding made me hold myself accountable for every workout and everything that I put in my body. Obviously this isn’t everyone’s goal, but you have to find one that will cause you to hold yourself accountable.

4 Visualize your end result.

Say you’ve been benching 225 pounds for a long time, and someone suggests increasing the weight. You’ve been seeing results, but for some reason the reason your results have drastically slowed down. Your mental block might be your frustration and anger about failing. To blast through this rut, I suggest visualizing yourself increasing the weight.

5 It’s okay to fail sometimes

If everything came easily, success wouldn’t be very important or feel so good. Failing at something on the first attempt will make you mentally stronger. Failing forces you to take a step back and think about what you can do better the next time around.

So if you do fail? Reevaluate your goals, then picture success in your mind.

6 Seek assistance

Know when it’s time to seek assistance. This should be a last result when you’ve tried everything you can think of to figure out a solution, but nothing is working.

Seeking assistance is beneficial and there’s nothing wrong with it. A professional can help you develop an actual plan to improve your focus, boost your confidence, and deal with setbacks.

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