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Slow Down

When you take your timeand eat it can p prevent weight gain. A low number of people are able to change their eating speed during a controlled experiment.

This proved that people who ate slower were less likely to gain weight; but we don’t know from this study whether changing your eating speed would work as a weight-loss strategy. It makes sense that eating more slowly might lead to eating less. When we eat at a fast pace, it is difficult for our bodies catch up withhormonal changes that signal when we are full.

Eating more slowly may help to reduce the amount of calories we eat but because this study didn’t not the calorie intake or diet, we don’t know if calorie intake explains the findings. This study was completed in Japan. Japan is where diet, lifestyle and the large number of over weight people are different. It hasn’t proven that it will translate to the United States results. Some general advice most likely work multiple communities.

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