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Sergio Oliva Jr Responds to Critics

After placing second behind Michael Lockett at the Chicago Pro, Sergio Oliva Jr was met with much criticism or even better “hate”.  Whether he’s being picked apart for “lagging” body parts or constantly being compared to his father, things finally came to a boiling point.  On July 9th Sergio Oliva Jr gave an in pretty in depth response to his critics.

sergio oliva

“I think some people don’t understand the difference between “Not being conditioned” and “Nailing your condition” timing. In most pros shows you get judged twice. Once in the morning and once at night. Unfortunately I’m always my best later in the day (night). Since no one cared or followed me before NY they don’t know I was actually losing prejudging in New York just like Chicago but because I was able to come back HOURS later at night I tightened up and pulled that Win out. But this was a different show. Prejudging was so fast and I didn’t get worked over and over like I did before which I need as anyone will tell you I get better the longer I’m out there and on top of it then the night show started 2 hours later at 4pm. So unfortunately the show was decided in the morning. And anyone who follows me knows I’m up till 3-4 am so that early prejudging my body just wont ever peak. I don’t care about any haters that finally have something to say about me. (In fact I’m glad y’all are back because I need you guys lol). But because I was holding water and didn’t fill out now all of a sudden I’m not a good bodybuilder and wasn’t in shape? 🤔Def not the case. It wasn’t lack of hard work or anything like that either. Just the last day timing of food and water. But I do want my followers to understand the differences and learn this sport cause I feel that’s the biggest problem is the ignorance of what’s good or bad. So this is my back literally 3 min before I went down for the night show cause @therealtechnician wanted a quick pic to see how we were filling out. Unfortunately it didn’t matter. So I don’t like that I never got to stand alone with Mike at night and battle it out like I did with Jon in NY and the fans def deserved it. But thats bodybuilding. You can’t always control everything. You can only adapt or plan certain shows around what’s best for you. And if you think Chris and I won’t adapt then you don’t know who the technician is… #teamaceto #onlywinscauseofhisname”

First off, let me just say that responding to critics or even better “trolls” off of emotion is never a good thing.  Obviously I’m not an IFBB pro so I have no earthly idea what it takes to prep for a show when my livelihood is on the line.  But from a fans perspective, I hated to see this.  I honestly felt that it was beneath Sergio Oliva Jr to even respond to critics, much less in this way.  When a competitors goes this route, it’s disrespectful to the winner Michael Lockett.  No, Michael Lockett isn’t a “big name” in the bodybuilding world, but if you are a true bodybuilding fan you know who Michael Lockett is and you know that he actually has the tools to be successful in this sport.

sergio oliva 1

Now that I’ve gotten the bullshit politically correct thoughts out of the way, this is my opinion from a competitors point of view.  I truly understand exactly where Sergio Oliva Jr is coming from.  When you put so much into a prep and have made the necessary improvements, obviously it is frustrating when the outcome doesn’t go your way.  On the top of that, when the fans pick you apart after the fact it like pouring salt in the wound.  From the overall physique, presentation and posing routine(I know it doesn’t count but it’s good for the sport) I believe that Sergio Oliva jr should have one.  But it all depends on what the judges are looking for.

Bodybuilding is a sport built on politics.  Responding the way that he did will only turn the judges off, which will make it that much more difficult to come out on top when the competition is close.  Block out the comments(whether positive or negative) and stop responding off of emotion.   This sport isn’t like every other sport where you have the outcome completely in your hands.  It all depends on who shows up.

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