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Top 5 Popular Weigh Loss Diets and Methods Debunked

Nothing's better than getting done quickly and easily. This can also be appealing when it comes to losing weight and the route that many of us chose to take during this process. Because of this many "quick fix" diets have created that promise quick results.

The truth of the matter is that many of these diets actually work as far as actually losing weight. But for how long. The question is, are these diets or methods sustainable? More importantly are these diets or methods healthy? One important question you should ask when it comes to weight loss is, does this method or diet fit you and your overall weight loss goals? It's important to understand that every diet or method isn't meant for everyone. In this article, I felt that it would be important to analyze a few weight loss diets and methods that have been popular in the past. Here are my top 5 weight loss diets and methods that have been debunked.

  1. Method 1: No carbs or minimal amount of carbs

  2. Method 2: Low fat diets

  3. Method 3: Eating at night

  4. Method 4: Missing meals

  5. Method 5: Strenuous exercise

Method 1: Anyone whose trying to lose weight should completely stay away from carbs. The "Atkins diet", involved avoiding carbs and replace them with high protein foods, such as meat, eggs and cheese. in the beginning this method called for unlimited consumption of fats.

Studies have shown that low carb dieting is beneficial when it comes to weight loss. the low carb benefits were short term. Long term, low carb dieting showed the same results s your typical low fat, calorie restricted diets. Finally it's also been shown that those who partake in low carb dieting, usually rebound and gain all their weight back.

Method 2: Low fat foods help you lose weight Theoretically, this makes perfect sense. But this isn't necessarily the truth. This method actually brings minimal benefits. Fat helps to make food taste better. The way many food manufacturers maintain a similar taste to the food is by increasing the amount of sugar in it. So the lower fat version of that food fails in comparison when it comes to taste.

A better option would be portion control. This would be eating the same foods with the same fat levels and just eating less of it. Method 3: Late night eating causes weight gain.

I always believed that eating after 9 pm would cause me to gain weight or at least prevent me from losing weight. This thought hasn't necessarily been debunked, but has been deemed inconclusive.

Eating late at night has more to do with what you're eating during that time period. It's less likely that you'll actually be preparing your food during this time. So this would be the time when we'd reach for the most convenient snack such as chips, cookies and ice cream. I you do get hungry at night, just make sure the right choices are made

Method 4: Missing breakfast helps you lose weight.

Starting your day off with a "healthy" breakfast helps to prevent hunger pains late throughout the day. Individuals who actually eat breakfast find it easier to control their weight. Missing meals effect your blood sugar, causing you to feel tired and irritable along with slowing down your metabolism. When you miss meals, you're more likely to weight until you get hungry to eat. This will cause you to grab for the first thing you. This also can cause you to let your cravings dictate what type of food you are going to consume. Method 5: Strenuous exercise is the only weigh to lose weight

Part of this is true. Obviously if you burn a lot of calories from strenuous workouts, weight loss can be the outcome. A long with that, many health benefits come with working out. The reality of of it is that using workouts as your only tool for weight loss makes it extremely difficult. More is normally required to truly reach your weight loss goals. Research has shown that it can take up to 20 minutes of running to burn off the calories from one candy bar a lone. Most of us who are just starting, can't even run for 3 minutes, much less 22 minutes. Losing weight requires you to burn off more calories than you consume. Since this is the case, your diet needs to be the main focus. When it comes to losing weight, exercise is only used to supplement a good diet,

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