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Phil Responds To Big Ramy, With No Response?

phil heath

“They keep posting and talking…I keep growing and getting better! #7xmrolympia #andstill”

With competitors who stay engaged with their fans constantly posting progress pictures, Phil Heath decides not to post and talk, by posting and talking.  I know, the irony of it.

Is there an issue with competitors posting progress pictures and talking about their plans or goals for the Olympia?  I don’t think so.  It’s called building the hype and it keeps fans engaged and interested to see what the outcome of the Olympia will be.

Who’s going to show up to the Olympia?  Who’s going to make the most improvements?  Will Phil Heath win?  Will big Ramy win his first Olympia?  You get what I’m saying.  Just like with any other sporting event, the anticipation is very important. If no knows who’s competing or how the competitors is looking, then how will fans get excited about a competition if they have no idea what the final product may look like.

phil heath 1

With the success of teams like the New England Patriots and the San Antonio Spurs, people tend to want to follow their example.  Which is we don’t talk, we just show up and deliver.  Let your play do the talking for you.  This is all good, for those sports.  But when you are trying to grow a fan base and maybe eventually become “main stream” you have to constantly be engaged with the fans.  Because this will eventually recruit more and more fans.  This why I actually enjoy the trash talk, the progress pictures and the discussions on who will win.  At the end of the day this is entertainment, and the trash talk and discussions are entertaining.  Every other Olympia champion has been entertaining(well except for Jay Cutler, see the connection) so why try to reinvent the wheel.

Yes, training and nutrition is the most important part of competing as a bodybuilder as an amateur.  But when you are a pro, you have to that while keeping the your fans and other bodybuilding fans engaged.  Lighten up

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