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Mr Olympia Phil Heath Right or Wrong about Classic Physique?

Is the current Mr. Olympia Phil Heath wrong or right about classic physique? Was Phil Heath disrespectful to classic physique competitors?After watching “Nick’s strength and power”, Kenny KO and Chris Bumbstead, I decided to give my opinion. Is classic physique training less intense than bodybuilding? If your goal is to get massive, heavily muscled, and push your body to the limits, then I still believe bodybuilding is for you. You are free to add as much muscle as you can, and don’t have to worry about relying on tricks to create illusions that work in your favor. If you don’t have the genes to compete in classic, bodybuilding also offers a recourse. You can compensate for not having broad shoulder and a thin waist by adding more muscle. Think of it like choosing an outfit based on the season. Bodybuilding is like winter; no matter how cold you get, you can always add another layer of clothing. Classic physique is like summer; there’s a point where you can’t take off any more clothes and just have to suffer through the heat. When it comes to NPC competition, there’s no right or wrong division, and there’s a place for everyone. If you’re thinking about competing, consider consulting a coach before you start training so you can know what division fits your body best. Regardless of your choice, remember: train like hell!

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