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Maintaining and Increasing Natural Testosterone Production

In general, most men don’t under what testosterone is, what it does or how it is produced. Men normally won’t learn these factors until it is too late. It doesn’t become an issue until it effects their performance in the most important place. This place wood be the bed room unless your preference is in the back or front seat of a car. Any way testosterone maybe one of the most important things that you should know when it comes to your body. In my humble opinion this is more important than any diet, supplement or workout regimen.

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. Make sure you zone in on that key word. It’s a part of the group called androgens. This is the same group that the other key male hormones dhea and dht are.

Actually testosterone isn’t produce by men, it is also produced by women. I believe that women are producing more testosterone then most men today, but that’s a whole different topic that I will touch on down the road. Stats show men have almost 10 times more testosterone than women.

Testosterone is most for it’s sexual benefits. Basically,testosterone is what makes us men. It stimulates sperm production, makes us have a deeper voice along increases the growth rate of body and facial hair. Testosterone is what gives us our body shape and controls fat production.

Testosterone allows men to build muscle triggering protein synthesis. This is what causes muscle tissue to increase. Testosterone molecules bind to the skeletal androgen receptors and increase the density, strength, and mineral uptake of them.

This is why as men age synthetic testosterone is recommended to allow a man to get his “mojo” back.

Here are a few natural ways to increase your testosterone production

Zinc: Zinc deficiency can lead to testicular suppression, this will cause lower tstosterone levels. The prostate has the highest concentrations of zinc of any organ within the body. This shows how important it is to the male reproductive system.

Vitamin C: This is the most important ways to maximize testosterone levels. Vitamin C helps preserve and regenerate it when it naturally converts to a transient hormone metabolite. Research has shown that vitamin C may be able to both regenerate testosterone and reduce levels of its toxic hormone metabolite.

Magnesium: Magnesium levels are strongly are associated with the anabolic hormones testosterone and IGF-1. This shows that magnesium positively effect body natural production of testosterone. Magnesium inhibits the binding of testosterone to the sex hormone known as globulin as result will assist in testosterone production.

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