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Is too much cardio bad for you?

One of the biggest myths in fitness is that cardio alone can get you lean and ripped. For this reason alone cardio is often made the most important exercise in people’s exercise program. For this reason also, lifting weights are often ignored. I always hear cardio will give you a six pack. Normally the people that say this don’t have or ever had a six pack. Even worse, their body looks exactly the same as when they started. Doing resistance work can, and will, help you get leaner. Cardio can actually have a negative impact on muscle. when it’s done to much can cause a catabolic effect which means muscle wasting, while also slowing down your metabolism.

When you have more muscle, it will create a higher or faster metabolism. This means means that your body will burn fat much faster. Even though you will burn more calories during a cardio session, weight lifting will cause calorie burning when you’re in and outside of the gym.

I am not saying that you should completely giving up cardio, but cut back on it. A more effective form of cardio would be higher-intensity, interval-type training(hiit). This burns more fat while sparing your muscle.

The most important thing here is the amount of intensity you use. This type of cardio normally will last 20 minutes or less, so to get the most out of hiit cardio is go hard. Low intensity sessions is will produce little results if any at all.

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