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How to Losing Belly Fat Fast for Men and Women

I think that we can all agree that abs are the one body part that universally determines whether a person is in shape or not. Who wants a fat stomach?  Obviously the answer is….. No one.   Your stomach is the center peace of your body and sets off the rest of your body.  If you don’t have a six pack or even a four pack, no one cares about your arms chest etc….. I don’t normally take it this far, but many people think that having a hanging belly is very unattractive.  But the most important thing for me is that it is unhealthy.  The fitness industry recognizes most people’s desire to burn that stubborn stomach fat. Let’s be honest the real reason why a majority of us don’t have six packs is that if you don’t have the genetics, it’s very difficult.  But guess what?  Its not impossible.  As a matter of fact I think…

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