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Former USC Football Player Found Dead.

Saturday the announce was made that another NCAA football player has died.

This time the NCAA player was identified as former USC Trojan Kevin Ellison.

Kevin Ellison was apart of the USC Trojan football team from 2005-2008. He made his first start during the fall of 2006.  Combined with his junior year, he was able to rack up over 100 tackles.  With productive sophomore and junior season, his senior season was a set back due to injuries.  During Kevin Ellison’s time at USC, they were known as a power house.

Because of an off senior season Ellison wasn’t selected until  the sixth round of the 2009 NFL draft. He was selected by the San Diego Chargers. He was able to see the field nine times throughout his first season at USC where he was able to rack up an impressive 50 tackles.

A major downfall came in 2012.  This is where Kevin Ellison was charged with arson.  At this time Kevin Ellison was playing for the Arena League’s Spokane Shock.  Allegedly, Ellison lived  set his bed on fire with a marijuana blunt. After this incident, Ellison was waived so that he could be mentally evaluated for his mental health.

Kevin Marcus Ellison, 25, who was dismissed from the Spokane Shock arena football team after his arrest June 14, repeatedly claimed to be Jesus Christ, including to an elderly woman who was at the hospital when Ellison was treated for smoke inhalation, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Aine Ahmed.“He may have some mental issues,” Ahmed said.Ellison also told Shock general manager Ryan Rigmaiden “that he was Jesus Christ, and that he was part of the rapture, and that God told him to start the fire,” Ahmed said. “He did not believe it (the fire) was going to harm him because God told him he’d protect him.”Ellison told Rigmaiden he started the fire with a marijuana blunt.

Kevin Marcus Ellison died at the age of 31.

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