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Fit Shaming. Is It Real

In society, when a person chooses to attempt something that separates him or herself from the average person, it seems the automatic reaction is to frown upon it. I’ll take that back, people will shame you just for doing basic things. So obviously if this is the case when it comes to in shape or even worse being a bodybuilder. With the obesity rate being so high in America, you can see why most people would frown upon someone who focuses on taking care of their body. Oh, it’s not just us. If you’re in the process of getting into shape or even thinking about getting into shape you’ll feel the raft also.

What is fit shaming? It get’s terrible whenever I’m getting prepared for a bodybuilding competition. I’ve been told that I’m too skinny, too muscular, too lean and worst of all TOO HEALTHY(sounds crazy but true). I never thought that I would ever hearing something so stupid. Then you have the statements which insult you mental health, such as you’re obsessed and sick. It’s quite entertaining actually. Trust me it’s true. I’ve witnessed it on social media and with others in person. It’s always been frowned upon when putting down fat, I mean morbidly obese people(let’s keep it pc). So with saying

The only difference with us is that the shaming doesn’t work. It’s adding oxygen to a fire. Why you may ask? Because we love this shit! There’s no better feeling than challenging yourself. Out doing each and every workout. Competing against the most important person. That would be yourself. In our minds, pain equals pleasure. Knowing that the next man doesn’t have the heart to do what I do motivates me. When ever someone is bothered by someone being fit, it’s just jealousy. The crazy thing is that everyone has the opportunity to get into shape, and feel amazing. They just didn’t take advantage of it. So who’s fault is that? If it’s not for medical reasons, your own fault. One thing that they don’t realize is that we embrace that negativity because you are basically letting us know that our efforts are paying off. So the next time you hear something about you are too muscular, too lean and addicted to working. Let’s just take it as a compliment. Be proud of yourself, and go harder!

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