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Dorian Yates…. Did Dorian Yates destroy bodybuilding?(Mass Monsters and Guts)

Dorian Yates…. Is he the cause of the downfall of bodybuilding? At one point in time bodybuilding was popular and viewed as a beautiful thing. Has it changed? Is Dorian Yates the cause of it? Is he the cause of mass monsters and bubble guts? I will explain my thought in this video. Like, share and subscribe. Before Dorian every Mr O had a small waist and reasonably decent aesthetics. Sure Lee Haney was a big guy but with a small waist. In the beginning of his career Dorian looked good but it didnt take long before the bloated gut,synthol and torn mess of bodyparts started being on display not just for him but also others and the judges continued to reward athletes who looked like that. At which point even smaller,aesthetically pleasing bodybuilders like Flex Wheeler jumped on the mass and synthol bandwagon. Is it wrong to say that if Dorian had never showed up pro bodybuilding today would be a lot different?

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