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When speak of that guy I’m speaking of the stereotypical guy or girl in the gym that does stereotypical things gym that annoy the heck out myself and many others.  In this first entry of “dat dude” I’m going to speak on the guy or girl in the gym that’s always asking for help.

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Personal trainers take great pride in seeing success in their clients.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, power lifter or just a gym rat, you’ll consistently have people advice or better yet tips.  Whether it’s how do I get a six pack, what do I have to do to get a big chest and the best of all how do lose 100 pounds in six months(true story).  Except for the last question, these questions are fine.  The problem comes into play when you don’t use the advice that is given to you.

dat dude 1

I have a good heart and I feel that a person shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get weight loss or fitness advice.  So there have been many times that I have assisted people for free.  The only thing that I required is that you give me your all and just listen because I won’t lead you in the wrong direction.  How often do you think it actually works out?  It literally never works out.

For instance, a 17 year old kid ask be what type of exercises should I do to get ripped abs?  I told him not to do sit ups and switch to crunches.  10 minutes later I see this kid doing sit ups.  I’ll tell a person there’s no need to try and curl 70 lb dumbbells to get big arm.  10 minutes later, I’ll see them trying to curl 75 lb dumbbells.

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To sum it all up, everyone’s time is precious.  It’s frustrating to someone who has taken the time out of their workout and their life to assist you.  Be respectful and don’t waist anyone’s time.

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