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Does Fasted Cardio Actually Work?

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Since I began competing in bodybuilding in 2009 I was always taught that fasted cardio was and is the best way to burn fat. To this day I still believe that. If you think about it, this seems weird because with any other sport or physical activity, it is encouraged to have fuel(food) in your system so that you maximize your workout. I still agree with that. But it’s different when your goal isn’t necessarily focused on your physical performance. When your goals are tailored around the way you look, this is when fasted cardio becomes an excellent tool.

There has been research conducted that has shown that doing fasted cardio 20 percent more fat. Studies has shown that when people do fasted cardio, a significantly higher amount of fat is burned in comparison to cardio with food in your system.

Obviously fasted cardio is done in the morning. This is beneficial because when you are asleep your body conserves the carb that you have taken in. This helps you utilize your fat as fuel. The body will also convert amino acids into glucose overnight.

I can argue that fasted cardio is arguably the best form of cardio to do. But this would be different for each individual person and their goals. There are many people who swear by fasted cardio and there are others who believe that fasted cardio may hinder your progress if you are trying to gain or retain muscle while dieting.

This is why some may suggest do HIIT cardio. The benefits of doing HIIT cardio is that it takes less time and is less catabolic that slow and steady cardio. Another benefit to HIIT in comparison to and steady is that it burns almost twice as much fat. The slow and steady cardio burns more calories overall. The HIIT(high intensity interval

So, sum it all up, whether or whether not all depends on goals or program. For the average person or a novice I would suggest not doing fasted cardio. It takes an acquired taste. If your goals are generally just to get in shape and lose weight gradually, I would suggest that you just stick to the basics. There is no reason to re invent the wheel. Most people may not have access to cardio equipment at home and going to the gym 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning is not realistic or may hinder your performance at work(which is just or if not more important). If it works with your schedule and goals, have at it. But if your main goal is to build or preserve muscle, I suggest that you have an BCAA supplement along with it.

Would I do it?

When ever I prep for a competition, my goal is to get up and do it every morning. But when you have a family, job and many other obligations, this may not be realistic.

I just used it as a tool to get my last bit of body fat off.

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