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Creatine Monohyrate

Creatine is used by your body as a quick form of energy during your workout.

Does creatine actually help?

Creatine actually gives you the energy to go harder in the gym. It’s not the same jittery energy that caffeine give you. It’s actually a smooth energy. You’ll notice that your endurance during your workouts are a lot better. It’s perfect for individual that are trying to put on size or lean mass. It is not the same as protein. Creatine is not a magic formula that you can take to build muscle or get lean, it is a supplement that helps you work harder and go longer.

If you can complete more reps and lift heavier weights then you will get stronger and your muscles will get bigger. That is where creatine comes in. For this reason, it’s wise to master the fundamentals of lifting, along with focusing on nutrition from natural food sources and protein shakes.

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