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Benefits of drop sets(TRAIN SO HARD UNIVERSITY)

WHAT IS A DROP SET? A drop set is a tool or technique used when you perform an exercise.  You conduct a set and then drop (lower) the weight and continue to do more reps until you reach failure(lose ability to do more reps). This technique was created by Henry Atkins. Henry Atkins was the editor of Body Culture magazine.

In my opinion drop sets work is that you are only recruiting a certain amount of muscle fibers. By then stripping(lowering) the weight down and going lighter you create more different muscle fibers, which should help the muscles achieve growth at a faster rate than normal sets.


In this video I did a triple drop set on the bench press.

315lb for 5 reps

225lb for 10 reps

135lb for 10 reps

The key is to make light weight feel heavy.

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