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Are You Really A Genetic Freak?

Since I’ve started Competitive bodybuilding in 2009, there’s been one constant term that I have seen and heard many competitors and “coaches” use. As a matter of fact, it’s been thrown around so freely that it has become watered down. That term would be “genetic freak”.

What does genetic freak actually mean?

Since there is no actual definition for this term, we’ll have to try and use our common sense. I believe that in the bodybuilding world genetic freak originally meant, someone that was blessed with God given tools such as muscle, structure and in many cases strength. I’ve obviously been thinking the wrong way over the pass nine years, because today anyone that sticks a needle in their asses and get tremendous results are considered “genetic freaks”.

I did my first competition back in 2009. It was called the Carolina Super Natural. It wasn’t a large show, but I felt it was the right show to get my feet wet. I had never been to a bodybuilding show my whole life, and I had to learn everything pertaining to a bodybuilding competition from you tube. Surprisingly everything went well for my first show, as I won the overall novice and my open weight class.

I had no real experience with diet, supplementation and bodybuilding workout regimens. I basically had to learn through trial and error. But everything workout for itself when it was show time. In 2010 I won the overall juniors at the NPC Palmetto Cup and in 2011 went back and won the overall at the same show. I’m telling you all of this because at this point I had never used anything resembling a steroid or prohormone, and I didn’t consider myself a genetic freak.

When I think of a genetic freak in bodybuilding, I think of the Ronnie Colemans, Flex Wheelers and Cedric McMillans of the world. These guys that competed “naturally” or better yet “Drug Free” for years while still be successful in the amateur ranks. Let’s take Kai Greene for instance. Kai Greene was a natural pro at a young age. He won the Team Universe multiple times. It took him getting his ass handed to him multiple times before he decided to use enhancements. This is the same storyline for Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie Coleman had no idea of the affects that enhancements would have on him until Flex Wheeler introduced them to him. When they finally got there hands on those enhancements we saw crazy results that they got from them. But guess what? If we took the same exact same things they took we wouldn’t get anywhere close to the same results that they got. Why? you might ask. The answer is that a majority of us are not genetic freaks.

If you have taken steroids from day one when you started training. You can’t put yourself in the category of a genetic freak, because you literally don’t know how far your actual genetics will take you. If you can’t win a local show without taking steroids, you’re not in that category. The worst of it is, if loaded on gear and can’t take an overall victory you’re definitely are in that category. But these are the individuals who are championing themselves as such.

As far as bodybuilders go, these are the individuals who I’d put in the category as genetic freaks:

Everyone in the IFBB. Yes it’s that simple. Obviously they use gear. But gear didn’t make them, it just made the playing field easy.

I’m writing about this topic because I feel that the fitness industry today is just filled with arrogance. I believe that once we humble ourselves, then that will get us closer to main stream. Be true to yourself and no your limits. That’s the only way that you can make progress as a competitor.

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