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Are there fake weights in the fitness industry

Fake plates were created designed to look identical to actual real weight plates, but are much lighter than the real weights.

Who Uses Fake Weights?

When it comes to social media to, it seems that your physical appearance is the most important thing. You’ll find more bodybuilders and others using fake weights more often today. You’ll see more and more people so that they can post videos that are impressive to the average person. This strategy allows more people talk about them and follow them on social media.

The more followers a person has will eventually turn into more money. In ads or maybe even sponsorships. Others in the fitness industry, may use fake weights for photo shoots for the purpose of appearing more strong than they actually are.

Then there are TV shows and movies because it is easier to film a scene with light weights than it is with the actual weights, especially when doing a lot of takes.

In the past few years there have been many people that have been pointed out for using fake weights. One of the most popular from youtube has been Brad Castleberry. Brad Castleberry has claimed to have broken many weightlifting world records. But after years of suspicion it was finally pointed out.

Brad Castleberry is arguably the most popular fitness personality on social media with thousands of Instagram followers. Regardless of the fake weights you cannot take away from the impressive physique and actual true strength.

Many of his lifts are difficult for people to actually believe or take seriously. Especially since he has never competed in an actually powerlifting meet. This is where he would actually be able to show his true strength. This is why he is always being accused of using fake weights.

What do fake weights look like?

Anyone that workouts knows that when lifting weight that is extremely heavy, it will take a lot of energy away from you. There’s usually heavy breathing along with your face turning a different color. So when someone is making it look so easy, it’s normal to become suspicious.

Appearance Of The Weights

Gyms normally have a certain brand of weights. Normally, they all match each other. So if you see that the brand or the shape of the plates are different from all of the other ones on some of the other machines, they most likely are using fake weights.


When ever you squat or deadlift with extremely heavy weight, you will probably have seen that the bar will bend under the pressure of the weight. Therefore it is unusual for the bar to remain straight with extremely heavy weight..

Another way to see whether someone is using fake weights is to compare their lifts to some actual powerlifters and strength athletes. If an average person is lifting the same amount of weight as a powerlifter, they may faking it.

Where to find fake weights

Where do some of these people even find fake weights? Fake weights aren’t something that you will find at any average sports store. But you can basically find anything that you want online. For instance, fakeweights, where they sell lightweight dumbbells, barbells and weight plates that look just like the real thing.

There are other companies that sell props to the film and TV industries. So if you want it bad enough you shouldn’t have a problem finding them.

How do fake weights effect the fitness industry

Along with drugs, shitty supplements etc., the fitness industry has enough problems to deal with. On top of all of this it is disappointing to see people take this route to gain a following. This will cause stupid people to feel that they can achieve these same unrealistic goals, where as the person on the video hasn’t even done it. Not only that, but getting injured in the process.

It could also encourage people to turn to steroids if they feel that they will never be able to lift this amount of weight themselves or achieve the same physique.

So although they are very beneficial in some ways. Fake has shined another negative light on the fitness industry.

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