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3 Myths about developing abdominal muscles

Genetics play a role in the development of every muscle, especially abs. Some people genetically are not able to develop a full six pack, because the last row of abs is hidden under a thin layer of tissue. So in many people it won’t matter how hard or often you work your abs it won’t change the natural structure of that muscle

Myth #2- I can only train my abs by doing actual ab exercises.

Any person that works out on a regular basis should actually work on their abs a lot less. Through every lift or movement you are indirectly working your abs. So excessive crunches or sit ups are really just icing on the cake

Myth #3- The more I work my abs the flatter my stomach will get.

Spot reduction in itself is a myth. It doesn’t matter how often you work your abs, your body will pull fat from where it feels necessary. Each person is different. Don’t get discouraged if you do 100 sit ups everyday and don’t see any results. Your diet should be checked before anything.

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